Since 1855 Crane has been the world’s leading innovator and pioneer of practical flow control solutions addressing and exceeding our customers’ needs to enable them to operate better, faster and safer. Crane I&S, DOPAK offers a comprehensive portfolio of sampling systems, products and solutions:

DOPAK is a global manufacturer of sampling systems and related accessories for liquids, gases and liquefied gases. Dopak’s closed vent samplers allow you to safely take samples of toxic, dangerous and volatile substances, without danger to your operators or the environment. We serve the chemical and petrochemical industries.

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We offer sampling expertise and advice, because we understand that specialized products require customized expert support.


Safety is our priority. When working with liquids, gases and liquefied gases in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Our sampling systems meet high safety standards and are therefore used and accepted in the chemical and petrochemical industries, worldwide.


Quality is always at the core of our business. Our sampling systems are subjected to thorough measurements and quality checks throughout the production process. With our quality checks and programs in place, we can assure a consistent quality.