Dovianus exclusively designs and manufactures process samplers for liquids, gases, and liquefied gases. Dopak sampling systems are of a quality that meets or even exceeds market standards. In addition, the specialized engineers of Dovianus understand the technical and safety issues in sampling processes. They offer qualified expertise and build an intrinsic level of safety into their designs. Our engineering ensures that we meet your sampling requirements efficiently and cost-effectively, no matter the simplicity or complexity of your processes.

If your technical and safety requirements are more or less standard, an adaptation of one of our pre-configured sampling systems could be a solid and cost-effective solution. For more demanding sampling, our engineers will design a customized sampling system to your precise specifications.

Our samplers meet and exceed worldwide safety standards. Whether you choose a pre-configured sampling system or an engineered system, our samplers meet the stringent environmental, health, and safety standards as a minimum.

Dopak guarantees zero emission sampling and is, therefore, safer for the operator, safer for the environment, and safer for the sample.