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1. (Pré) Sales
1.1 Availability of our Sales department*
1.2 Response time of our Sales department on requests for information and/or quotation.*
1.3 Knowledge of our Sales department on Dopak Sampling Systems.*
1.4 Quality of the quotation (Commercial/Technical)*
1.5 Courtesy of our Sales department.*
2. Engineering
2.1 Providing drawing in due time according to confirmation.*
2.2 Quality/Professionalism responses from our Engineering department to questions and concerns.*
2.3 Courtesy of our Engineering department.*
3. Product Quality
3.1 User friendliness of the product.*
3.2 Reliability of the product.*
3.3 Safety for the operator and environment by using the product.*
3.4 Representativity of the sample by using the product.*
4. Supply
4.1 Lead time according to our confirmation.*
4.2 Quality of the packaging.*
5. Customer Care (After Sales)
5.1 Availability*
5.2 Reponse time*
5.3 Availability of information*